Client : Qatar Railways Company

Scope of Work : Supply of Insulation, Fire Dampers, GRD ,Valves & Fire Systems & Pumps.

Contractor : Various

Lusail City, just north of Doha, is a visionary waterfront development currently under construction. Designed to be an environmental and self-sustaining community, the city will have residential and commercial developments, including schools, medical facilities, shopping centres, and more.

In line with the vision of Lusail, the Lusail Tram network will serve the residents of the city by providing an environmentally-friendly mode of transportation that will not only connect destinations within Lusail, but also to Doha by way of the Doha Metro.

The 19 kilometer Lusail Tram is on schedule, and will have:

  • Four lines.

  • 25 stations at-grade in various configurations (centre platform, side platforms and split side platforms).

  • One viaduct to accommodate Lusail Tram passengers with a connection to the regional railway .

  • One Lusail Tram depot and operation, maintenance and storage facility and test track, utilising the latest state-of-the-art 'Catenary free' train power service.