Jersey Group has come of age as a leader in the trading, contracting, manufacturing and service industry in Qatar. With its 600-strong experienced and efficient workforce, Jersey Group has proved to be a solid business performer, reporting year-on-year growth of 20 percent and upwards as well as posting big new business wins. Jersey Group has made an appreciable contribution towards Qatar’s nation-building efforts as an infrastructure partner of choice to institutions of national and cultural significance. We are also vigorously participating in Qatar’s fast track time bound prestigious mega projects like the New world cup stadiums & Qatar Rail .

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What began in 1995 as a small trading house for HVAC products & services in Qatar, Jersey Group has gradually developed & transformed into a muscular business conglomerate with as many as 7 individual business units under its fold branding itself as a reliable , trusted & formidable force in the region with our foot print in all core areas of Trading, Manufacturing, Contracting & Service


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